Find the program that fits your needs

At Beyond Your Diagnosis, our goal is to help our clients gain socially significant behaviors, and heal mentally and emotionally. We offer treatment services tailored to each individual’s needs. By working closely with our clients and their families, our expert professionals provide effective strategies for recovery. Our specialized programs are tailored to various ages and life stages, ensuring that each client receives the highest quality of care in a safe and comforting environment.

Treatment centers at B.Y.D. are structured by the modalities in behavioral health. Our facility consists of:

  • Behavioral Health Center

  • Mental Health Center

  • Rehabilitation Center

  • Social Services Center

grayscale photography of smiling girl
grayscale photography of smiling girl

Programs for Adolescents

When your child is dealing with psychological issues, you want them to be able to get the help they require in a loving and caring atmosphere. Our children's programs are specifically designed for kids aged 4 to 13 and are led by experienced professionals who specialize in working with this age group. We believe in empowering young people with the tools they need to live happy, fulfilling lives, and that starts with a nurturing and therapeutic environment where they feel safe and understood.

Programs for Children

Adolescence is a challenging time filled with navigating school, relationships, and personal growth. When mental health concerns are added to the mix, it can feel overwhelming for both teens and their families. At Beyond Your Diagnosis, we are here to provide support and guidance. Our teen programs are specifically designed for individuals aged 13 to 18, including those facing substance abuse challenges. We believe in empowering young people to overcome these difficulties and thrive.

photo of woman beside another woman at seashore
photo of woman beside another woman at seashore

Programs for Adults

Psychiatric, emotional, and substance abuse problems can affect careers, marriages, and relationships. Beyond Your Diagnosis offers a confidential, caring environment that promotes crisis resolution, positive self-awareness, social skills, and personal growth. Care is provided on an intensive outpatient basis.

Each center Includes

“Asking for help is the first step. You are more precious in this world than you'll ever know”

– Lilli Reinhart