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Apply for Patient financial assistance

At Beyond Your Diagnosis, we understand that paying for treatments can be a concern. That's why we offer a secure and dependable solution to help you access financial assistance for the necessary services. Our team is dedicated to help you navigate the process and secure the support you need to focus on your well-being

Apply for yourself, your patient, your student or your family member today.

Who qualifies for financial assistance?

To qualify for a financial assistance program, you (or the patient you’re applying for) must:

Have a diagnosis and recommendation from your primary care provider AND

Requesting treatment from B.Y.D. on the illness named in the assistance program, AND

Have an income that’s at or below the Federal Poverty Level of your country.

You'll need to provide your:

  • Diagnosis

  • Medication list (if applicable)

  • Provider’s name and contact information

  • Contact information

  • Adjusted gross annual household income

What Information do I need to apply as a patient?