Many adolescents suffer from mental illnesses, ranging from severe depression to personality disorders and other psychological problems. Some can be defiant, withdrawn, or even suicidal. Issues such as these can throw young lives into turmoil, but help is available at Beyond Your Diagnosis. Our adolescent treatment programs are geared toward helping adolescents gain control over their stressors, trauma, or other psychological issues without turning to recreational drugs or alcohol for help.

Beyond Your Diagnosis offers adolescent treatment programs that are tailored to meet the needs of youth with mental health issues, emotional and mood disorders, behavioral concerns, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other neurodevelopmental disorders in a secure, therapeutic environment.

Treatment Components

The treatment process begins with a comprehensive evaluation/assessment to help identify/diagnose any underlying psychological issues. An individualized, person-centered, treatment care plan is created to address each client’s needs. Treatment is administered by a multidisciplinary, clinician-led team that may include social workers, case managers, teachers, substance abuse counselors, behavioral specialists, behavioral analysts, registered behavior technicians, certified peer specialists, paraprofessionals, psychiatric technicians, life coaches, and program specialists.

​Some adolescents do suffer from co-occurring disorders, and psychological problems with a coexisting substance abuse problem, B.Y.D. provides specialized treatment for adolescents with dual diagnosis issues. Substance abuse treatment is administered by certified substance abuse counselors.

Our continuum of care offers outpatient options, including:


(Individual or Families)

Applied Behavior Analysis
Rehabilitation Services

With a vast knowledge of therapy treatment modalities and the finest clinicians, our counseling center provides comprehensive psychological services.

B.Y.D. center offers therapeutic direct, behavior-based service to parent or consultee concerning the management of a client or group of clients.

No matter what your struggles are, Respect behavior therapy's rehabilitation services offer the outpatient care you need.

medication pills
medication pills

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